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In Australia, in 2018, local professional Grant Writers appear to earn sizable salaries. Due to the limits of readily available and timely data, such a conclusion is, however, subject to revision.


This post explores available data on the salaries of Grant Writers in Australia. Other posts will explore grant writing as a career in other parts of the world.


Average Salaries


Data from for the selected cities for which it reports data, indicate that the average salaries of mid-career Grant Writers range from a low of A$91,021 in Brisbane, QLD to a high of A$106,483 in Sydney, NSW. For early career Grant Writers, the averages range from a low of A$65,387 in Brisbane, QLD to a high of A$76,494 in Sydney, NSW. And for late career Grant Writers, the averages range from a low of A$112,504, also in Brisbane, QLD, to a high of A$131,614, also in Sydney, NSW.


Average Salaries


City and State/Territory Early Career 2018 Average Late Career
Canberra, ACT A$67,827 A$94,417 A$116,701
Sydney, NSW A$76,494 A$106,483 A$131,614
Alice Springs, NT A$67,553 A$94,035 A$116,229
Darwin, NT A$68,083 A$94,774 A$117,142
Brisbane, QLD A$65,387 A$91,021 A$112,504
Townsviille, QLD A$66,785 A$92,967 A$114,909
Adelaide, SA A$67,518 A$93,988 A$116,170
Hobart, TAS A$66,490 A$92,556 A$114,401
Melbourne, VIC A$73,124 A$101,791 A$125,816
Perth, WT A$69,291 A$96,455 A$119,220
Australia A$71,855 A$100,025 A$123,632


Alternative Salary Ranges also presents a fairly rosy picture for Grant Writers in Australia, but the sample size is far too small to be reliable. This online information source indicates that the national average salary for Grant Writers is A$59,159, with a range of A$41,222 to A$104,000. Data at the levels of Australian states and cities are not available.


As of 2018, Sydney has the highest cost of living in Australia, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Overall consumer prices are 15.56% higher in Australia than in the US.


Note on Conversion Rates


All data presented here are in Australian dollars (A$). As of the week of this post, the A$ has been trading at A$1.25 to US$1.00 in international exchange rates; consequently, one may convert data to US salary equivalents by multiplying the Australian salaries by 0.80. As examples, this results in the national averages for Australia being equivalent to US$57,484, US$80,020, and US$98,905.


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