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This post presents data for early 2017. It updates an earlier post for 2016. It explores what Grant Writers are paid as compensation in terms of median salaries. Subsequent posts will explore compensation in terms of hourly rates and flat fees, retainer fees, review and revision fees, and other aspects of compensation. All data will be for the United States of America.

Median Salaries for Grants/Proposal Writers

What Grant Writers earn reflects many factors. Among them are years of experience, level of educational attainment, geographic location, and the nature of the employer.

For early 2017, has reported in that the national median annual salary for “Grants/Proposal Writers” was $65,549, which is up only 1.9% from 2016. The middle 50% earned from $58,724 to $73,629; the bottom 10% earned $52,510 or less; and the top 10% earned $81,004 or more. These base salaries represented about 71% of total compensation; the other 29% were fringe benefits and bonuses.

Calculated on a full 52-week year, the same national median annual salary works out to $1,260.56 per week, and the range for the middle 50% becomes from $1,129.31 to $1,415.94 per week. Calculated over a 2,080-hour work-year, the same national median annual salary works out to $31.51 per hour, and the same range for the middle 50% becomes from $28.23 to $35.40 per hour.

Median Salaries By Selected Cities

As of early 2017, “median annual salaries” in selected cities searched on ranged from $52,485 in Helena, Montana to $81,005 in San Francisco, California. Most of the medians for these cities fell in the range of $63,000 to $68,000. In the past year, Lincoln, NE saw by far the largest gain in median salary – an enviable gain equivalent to 11.24% compared to a national gain of only 1.9%.

Median Annual Salaries — 2016 and 2017 Data Comparison
  2016 Data 2017 Data
Portland, ME $66,318 $65,527
Boston, MA $69,503 $73,907
New York, NY $75,881 $75,883
Washington, DC $71,408 $70,365
Charlotte, NC $64,213 $64,080
Atlanta, GA $64,902 $65,015
Tampa, FL $61,350 $63,049
Houston, TX $64,741 $65,943
Dallas, TX $64,722 $64,908
Tulsa, OK $61,221 $63,592
Nashville, TN $60,803 $61,346
Cincinnati, OH $62,830 $62,702
Indianapolis, IN $61,897 $64,337
Chicago, IL $67,676 $68,818
Minneapolis, MN $67,347 $66,333
Bismarck, ND $58,370 $59,453
Lincoln, NE $55,860 $62,137
Casper, WY $58,672 $59,761
Helena, MT $51,529 $52,485
Boise, ID $62,148 $63,722
Seattle, WA $68,789 $70,970
Portland, OR $66,414 $67,587
San Francisco, CA $78,584 $81,005
Los Angeles, CA $70,559 $72,460
Salt Lake City, UT $61,182 $63,523
Denver, CO $65,044 $66,251
Albuquerque, NM $59,284 $61,223
Phoenix, AZ $62,939 $65,065
Anchorage, AK $72,657 $74,440
Honolulu, HI $69,857 $68,342
USA $64,355 $65,549

It may be worth noting that year-to-year gains in median annual salaries were not uniform across the country. Out of the 30 selected cities presented in the table, five saw year-to-year declines and another pair saw year-to-year gains of $200 or less.


Median Salaries 2017


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