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This post is about proposal attachments. It is part of a series about what goes into proposals that win grants. Its context is the United States of America.


Proposal Attachments


Most public and private grant makers require applicants to include a number of attachments (or appendices) as part of their proposals. Applicants omit forget or omit attachments at the risk of becoming ineligible for proposal review.




In writing proposals requiring attachments (or appendices), an applicant should:

  • Follow each specific grant maker’s instructions
  • Provide all required attachments
  • Observe all limits on number of pages to be attached
  • Observe all limits on types of documents to be attached
  • Number all pages consecutively
  • Label every document clearly
  • List attached documents in a table of contents, if one is allowed and used
  • Refer to or cite attached documents clearly in the proposal


Always attach documents only if they are allowed or required. And always follow the funder’s instructions, if available, for where and in what sequence to attach them.


Although an applicant should not expect to need to attach every type listed here in every proposal it submits, among the attachments (or appendices) that it may need are:

  • Biographical sketches (resumes or vitae) of key staff
  • Position descriptions
  • Organizational charts
  • Program design flow charts
  • Logic models
  • Timelines (Gantt charts or PERT charts) or milestone charts
  • Letters (commitment, support)
  • Contracts or sub-contracts (consultants, service providers)
  • Partner agreements (memoranda of understanding, memoranda of agreement)
  • Sample survey instruments
  • Sample assessment instruments
  • Technical specifications for products or construction/renovations
  • Tax-exempt letter (IRS non-profit status determination letter)
  • Organization’s most recent audit statement
  • Organization’s board of directors (names, positions, and affiliations)
  • Required standard forms (certifications, assurances)


Every attachment (or appendix) is an integral part of a proposal. Reviewers consider them in deciding which proposals to recommend for funding. Applicants should take as much care in preparing and presenting them as they do with the rest of their proposals.



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