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This post is one of a series about what goes into proposals that win grants. Its topic is management plans. Its context is the United States of America.


Effective management is critical to the success of activities described in a funded proposal. A management plan describes the lines of communication and directions of interaction among key personnel, as well as mechanisms for ensuring accountability for a project’s results and for its finances.




A strong management plan will:

  1. Identify key leadership positions, including the Project Director or Principal Investigator
  2. Identify, by position title, to whom the leadership will report
  3. Link key personnel internal to a project to other key personnel external to it
  4. Describe channels of communication for all project personnel
  5. Describe lines of responsibility and accountability for all project personnel
  6. Provide a clear and current organizational chart, if a funder permits one


An applicant may need to discuss other aspects of project management, such as how it will:

  1. Recruit, screen, train, and monitor all volunteers
  2. Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of participants’ data
  3. Comply with policies and regulations governing privacy and consent
  4. Ensure the security of persons, property, and project inventories
  5. Handle legal matters such as insurance and liability
  6. Coordinate transportation and logistics for participants and project staff
  7. Document and report participants’ and staff members’ activities
  8. Document and report financial activities
  9. Document and report monitoring and evaluation activities


A strong management plan is essential for ensuring the ultimate success of a funded project or initiative. Applicants need to be certain that their plans convey their commitment to being accountable for delivering high-quality results.



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