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This new post discusses grant consultants’ fees in 2015 for such services as creating funding development plans or devising project evaluation plans. It is part of an ongoing series. Other new posts for 2016 will cover: hourly rates and flat rates, retainer rates, prospect research rates, and other topics related to how grant consultants earn an income.


Fixed Fee Assignments:

In early 2016, beyond stating hourly rates, per proposal rates, retainer fees, and proposal review fees, some grant writing consultants also publish cost information about other services. The most frequently encountered rates for ancillary services are those for fixed fee assignments for private sector prospect research and/or private sector proposal development. The costs range from $1,500 to $7,500 – for finding one to five private sector grant leads and/or for writing one to five proposals – to from $1,000 to $8,000 – for finding 10 grant leads and/or for writing 10 proposals. Some consultants offer to find as many as 25 grant leads for $300 to $750; grant proposals to those leads cost more.


  Minimum Funders Maximum Funders
Consultant/Firm 1 $300 25 leads Unstated Unstated
Consultant/Firm 2 $750 25 leads Unstated Unstated
Consultant/Firm 3 $500 6 leads $1,000 15 leads
Consultant/Firm 4 $1,500 1 lead $8,000 10 leads
Consultant/Firm 5 $4,000 4 leads $7,500 10 leads
Consultant/Firm 6 $5,500 3 leads $7,000 10 leads
Consultant/Firm 7 $6,000 5 leads $7,000 10 leads
Consultant/Firm 8 $7,000 5 leads $8,000 10 leads


Funding Development Plans:

Fewer grant-writing consultants also offer to create funding development plans for clients. A funding development plan commonly considers grant seeking as only one element of a client’s overall plan for raising funds. Ancillary services vary greatly in terms of their specifications and conditions. Almost invariably, consultants indicate that their resulting plans will be ‘comprehensive’ and that actual costs for the plans will reflect the scope and detail of each assignment. Sampled fees run from $1,500 to $10,000 or more.


  Minimum Maximum Services
Consultant/Firm 1 $3,000 $10,000 Fund development plan
Consultant/Firm 2 $3,500 $10,000 Comprehensive fund development
Consultant/Firm 3 $1,500 Unstated Fund development plan
Consultant/Firm 4 $5,100 Unstated Fund development plan


Some consultants offer to help grant seekers with program design or with (often more extensive) program development. Sampled fees run from $200 to $6,000 or more.


  Minimum Maximum Services
Consultant/Firm 1 $200 $500 Program development with logic model
Consultant/Firm 2 $2,500 $6,000 Program development
Consultant/Firm 3 $500 Unstated Program design
Consultant/Firm 4 $1,000 Unstated Program design
Consultant/Firm 5 $2,500 Unstated Strategic guidance
Consultant/Firm 6 $100/hr Unstated Program development                             from concept to proposal


Grant Writing Workshops:

Still fewer consultants offer workshops for grant-related staff development. Perhaps one reason for the infrequency of such ancillary services is that they compete directly with associations of non-profits, universities, the Grantsmanship Center, the Foundation Center, and other providers of workshops and courses. The consultants’ workshops may last one or two days. Consultants now commonly charge for them by the day (e.g., $1,500/day) plus expenses. The most frequently cited expenses to be billed are those of travel, lodging, and office support (e.g., printing, copying, mailing, or shipping).


  Daily Rates Travel and Expense Surcharge
Consultant/Firm 1 $1,500/day Yes
Consultant/Firm 2 $2,500/day Yes
Consultant/Firm 3 $5,000/day Yes

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