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This new post discusses grant consultants’ proposal revision, review, and critique fees. It is part of an ongoing series. Earlier posts discussed hourly rates and flat rates (also called per-proposal rates or per-project rates), prospect research fees, and retainer fees. Other new posts for 2015 will cover: hourly rates and flat rates, retainer rates, prospect research rates, and other topics related to how grant consultants earn an income.

Proposal Reviews and Revisions:

At times, potential clients may already have a grant proposal available in a more or less inchoate form. Consultants may offer to proofread and edit a preliminary or pre-existing proposal rather than insist that they write it from its inception. They also may offer to play the role of third-party technical reviewers before a draft or a revision is made final. Consultants may furnish critiques of such unfinished proposals and may suggest how to improve them. Alternatively, they may contract both to provide a critique and to revise or rewrite a proposal entirely.

Consultants vary the rates they charge to critique, edit, and revise proposals based upon such factors as the proposal’s length and the complexity of its subject or focus. They may offer to charge for services up to a pre-determined not-to-exceed amount and/or to provide review and revision services for a minimum flat fee. Some consultants accept such review-and-revise assignments on a case-by-case basis and do not publish specialized rate schedules for such services.

Sample Review and Revision Rates:

As the table indicates, in 2015, fixed rates for review and revision – as quoted on consultants’ websites – range from $150 to $8,500 per proposal reviewed and/or revised. The most costly consultants charge a minimum of $2,000 (10 hours at $200 per hour) for each proposal they critique.


Review/Revision Fees Minimum Fees Maximum Fees
Consultant/Firm 1 $150 $300
Consultant/Firm 2 $200 $500
Consultant/Firm 3 $350 $750
Consultant/Firm 4 $400 $1,200
Consultant/Firm 5 $750 $1,200
Consultant/Firm 6 $750 $2,000
Consultant/Firm 7 $1,500 $8,500
Consultant/Firm 8 $2,000 $4,000
Consultant/Firm 9 $500 Unstated
Consultant/Firm 10 $1,500 Unstated
Consultant/Firm 11 $2,000 Unstated
Consultant/Firm 12 $60/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 13 $65/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 14 $65/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 15 $100/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 16 $120/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 17 $125/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 18 $200/hour Unstated
Consultant/Firm 19 $200/hour Unstated

As may be observed, consultants’ charges for reviews and revisions often approach what the same consultants will charge per hour for developing a brand new proposal from start to finish.


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