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This post updates data posted a year ago. It covers what Grant Writers are paid as compensation in terms of average salaries. Other posts will update median salaries for grant writers, compensation in terms of hourly rates, and various consultants’ fees. All data will be for the United States of America.

Average Salaries:

Data from, for cities across the country in April 2015, indicate that average annual salaries for Grant Writers ranged at least from $33,000 to $70,000. Year to year increases in annual averages were as little as $2,000 in Lincoln, NE and Honolulu, HI to as much as $10,000 in Minneapolis, MN. Since April 2014, reported average salaries for Grant Writers rose in all cities, remained flat in no cities, and declined in no cities.

Average Annual Salaries in Grant Writing — 2014 and 2015 Data
Grant Writer
2014 2015
Boston, MA $59,000 $64,000
New York, NY $64,000 $70,000
Washington, DC $59,000 $64,000
Charlotte, NC $51,000 $55,000
Atlanta, GA $59,000 $64,000
Tampa, FL $40,000 $44,000
Houston, TX $53,000 $58,000
Dallas, TX $48,000 $52,000
Tulsa, OK $42,000 $46,000
Nashville, TN $44,000 $48,000
Cincinnati, OH $44,000 $48,000
Indianapolis, IN $41,000 $44,000
Chicago, IL $57,000 $61,000
Minneapolis, MN $41,000 $51,000
Bismarck, ND $41,000 $44,000
Lincoln, NE $31,000 $33,000
Casper, WY $47,000 $51,000
Helena, MT $40,000 $43,000
Boise, ID $32,000 $35,000
Seattle, WA $51,000 $55,000
Portland, OR $46,000 $50,000
San Francisco, CA $64,000 $69,000
Los Angeles, CA $50,000 $55,000
Salt Lake City, UT $42,000 $46,000
Denver, CO $45,000 $49,000
Albuquerque, NM $37,000 $40,000
Phoenix, AZ $40,000 $43,000
Anchorage, AK $36,000 $39,000
Honolulu, HI $33,000 $35,000

Geographic Location:

Across the country annual average salaries for the Grant Writer job title differ by more than 100%. In general, in 2015 they are higher in the Northeast and on the West Coast than anywhere else.

Further Information:

All factual material presented here is intended strictly for informational purposes only. If you’d like to know more about what Grant Writers or related positions earn, please go to, or


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