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Finding funding to sustain new projects and initiatives over the long-term is a critical aspect of seeking and winning competitive grants. This post presents books about fundraising that were published in 2011. Earlier posts presented similar books published in 2012 or 2013 or forthcoming in 2013.


Research Method:

Most of the listed books represent titles found on Amazon using the site’s ‘publication date’ sorting feature and the search term ‘fundraising.’ The searches yielded 37 titles for 2011. Using other sources and search terms may lead to different lists.


Scope of Coverage:

The list is not intended to be exhaustive, but it is subject to correction and revision. It does not list books from before or after 2011; such books are the topics of other posts. Inclusion of a book here is not an endorsement nor does it necessarily mean I have read it. The list strives to include books that contribute to understanding practices in fundraising — and to related topics, including grant writing — and to minimize its inclusion of other kinds of books.


Published in 2011:

  • Bornstein, Rita. (2011). Fundraising Advice for College and University Presidents: An Insider’s Guide.
  • Brandt, Adam. (2011). The Art of Viral Fundraising.
  • Bray, Ilona. (2011). The Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising: Raise Money for Your School, Team, Library, or Community Group.
  • Bristol, Ellen. (2011). De-Mystifying Fundraising: Seven Steps to Fundraising Success.
  • Cannon, Christopher. (2011). An Executive’s Guide to Fundraising Operations.
  • Ciconte, Barbara L. and Jacob, Jeanne. (2011). Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide.
  • Cilella, Salvatore J. (2011). Fundraising for Small Museums.
  • Clay, Anthony. (2011). Trust Fundraising.
  • Daffron, Susan C. (2011). Funds to the Rescue: 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups.
  • Dugan, Ed. (2011). Nonprofit Growth: Fundraising for Today, Strategies for Tomorrow.
  • George, Simon. (2011). Legacy Fundraising from Scratch. 
  • Goldstein, Stephen. (2011). 30 Days to Successful Fundraising.
  • Grow, Pamela. (2011). Five Days to Foundation Grants.
  • Ivankovich, Michael. (2011). Fundraising Auction Secrets.
  • Ivankovich, Michael. (2011). Jumpstart Your Fundraising Auction
  • Jervis, April R. (2011). 365 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit: Practical Ideas for Every Nonprofit Organization.
  • Johnson, Larry C. (2011). The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising: Transforming Fundraising Anxiety into the Opportunity of a Lifetime.
  • Joyaux, Simone P. (2011). Strategic Fund Development.
  • Kiiru, Macmillan, Kiraka, Ruth N., and Cuthbert, David L. Successful Fundraising.
  • Kim, Peter, Perreault, Gail, and Foster, William. (2011). Finding Your Funding Model: A Practical Approach to Nonprofit Sustainability.
  • Klein, Kim. (2011). Fundraising for Social Change. 6th Edition.
  • Laidler, Fay. (2011). 1500 Fundraising Ideas.
  • McLaughlin, Patrick. (2011). Major Donor Game Plan.
  • Myers, James K. (2011). Fundraising for Small Charities.
  • Myers, James K. (2011). Major Gift Fundraising.
  • Owen, Gordon. (2011). Fundraising from Companies and Charitable Trusts/Foundations and Through the Internet.
  • Panas, Jerold and Devos, Rich. (2011). The Fundraising Habits of Extremely Successful Boards: A 59-Minute Guide to Assuring Your Organization’s Future.
  • Powell, William and Kirpes, Paul J. (2011). Raising Money for Mighty Missions: Steps to Success, Doing What Matters Most.
  • Robinson, Paige. (2011). 250+ Fundraising Ideas for Your Charity, Society, School, and PTA.
  • Sargent, Adrian and Jay, Elaine. (2011). Building Donor Loyalty: The Fundraiser’s Guide to Increasing Lifetime Value.
  • Saul, Jason. (2011). The End of Fundraising: Raise More Money by Selling Your Impact.
  • Spears, Lori D. (2011). Fundraising Strategies in Higher Education.
  • Spence, Shirley M. and Stevenson, Howard H. (2011). Getting to Giving: Fundraising the Entrepreneurial Way.
  • Stroman, M. Kent. (2011). Asking About Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising.
  • Urselmann, Michael. (2011). Fundraising.
  • Viscomi, Alicia Lauren. (2011). How to Create a Successful Fundraiser.
  • Wilberforce, Sebastian. (2011). Legacy Fundraising: The Art of Seeking Bequests.



If you know of other titles that fit the search parameters here, please send a ‘comment’.



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