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Finding funding to sustain new projects and initiatives over the long-term is a critical aspect of seeking and winning competitive grants. This post presents books about fundraising that were published in 2012. An earlier post presented similar books either planned for or published in 2013. Later posts will cover earlier years.


Research Method:

All of the listed books represent titles found on Amazon using the site’s ‘publication date’ sorting feature and the search term ‘fundraising.’ The search yielded 62 titles for 2012 alone. Using other sources and search terms may lead to different lists.


Scope of Coverage:

Although the list is subject to correction and revision, it is not intended to be exhaustive. It does not list books from before or after 2012; such books are the topics of other posts. Inclusion of a book here is not an endorsement nor does it necessarily mean I have read it. The list strives to include books that contribute to understanding practices in fundraising — and related topics, including grant writing — and to minimize its inclusion of other kinds of books.


Published in 2012:

  • Abdalhakim-Douglas, Amal. (2012). Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising: A Handbook for the Professional Fundraiser.
  • Alvin, Callie. (2012). How to Organize a Scrapbooking Fundraiser.
  • Andresen, Katya. (2012). Best Practices for Fundraising Success: Diversifying Giving Channels.
  • Anthony, David. (2012). Get Set Go Fundraising.
  • Atchison, Gabriel and Quinlan, Jae. (2012). Building the Dream: Creative Fundraising for Churches.
  • Axelrod, Terry. (2012). The Benevon Model for Sustainable Fundraising: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Right.
  • Barrett, Sarah. (2012). A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising.
  • Best, Brin. (2012). Cost Effective Fundraising for Schools.
  • Boles, Blake. (2012). The Unschool Adventures Guide to Online Travel Fundraising.
  • Brooks, Jeff. (2012). The Fundraiser’s Guide to Irresistible Communications.
  • Bullock, Kirsten. (2012). Simple Steps for Growing Your Donors.
  • Carter, Jesse L. (2012). Fundraising Your Way: How to Conduct and Effective and Profitable Product Fundraiser.
  • Cliff, Marte. (2012). A Fundraising Primer for Cash-Strapped Nonprofits.
  • Copland, Craig. (2012). Fundraising for Conservatives.
  • Crouter, Fred. (2012). Make Money with Fundraising Meals.
  • Davis, Emily. (2012). Fundraising and the Next Generation.
  • Dillon, William P. (2012). People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds.
  • Doolin, Janet.(2012). Endowment 101.
  • Dustin, Jill C. (2012). Grant Writing and Fundraising Tool Kit for Human Services.
  • Eisenstein, Amy. (2012). Raising More with Less: An Essential Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Professionals and Board Members.
  • Elkins, Kelly (2012). 150+ Great Fundraising Ideas.
  • Faire, Shane D.(2012).Fundraising Banquet Boot Camp: A Survival Guide and System for Ordinary People Seeking Extraordinary Results.
  • Fishman, Stephen, and Barrett, Ronald J. (2012). Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: The 50-State Guide.
  • Fredricks, Laura and Hart, Vanessa. (2012). The Ask.
  • Garecht, Joe. (2012). The Non-Profit Fundraising Formula.
  • Gasman, Marybeth, and Bowman, Nelson. (2012). Fundraising at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • George, Simon. (2012). Raising Funds from Grant Makers.
  • Hanberg, Erik. (2012). The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small and Very Small Nonprofits.
  • Hasler, Tom. (2012). Simple Effective Fundraising: A Fundraising Guide for All Charities.
  • Helweg, Richard. (2012). 199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Herbst, Nina Botting and Norton, Michael. (2012). The Complete Fundraising Handbook.
  • Hogan, Pam. (2012). Fundraising without Fundraisers: A Nonprofit Step-by-Step Guide to Generating Revenue Using Untraditional Methods.
  • Johnson, J. Terry and Benton, Andrew. (2012). 10 Critical Factors in Fundraising: The Little Green Book for Chief Executive Officers.
  • Keeys, Anisha Robinson. (2012). 51 Retailers Who Can Help Your Nonprofit Raise Money.
  • Kelley, David J. (2012). Sports Fundraising: Dynamic Methods for Schools, Universities, and Youth Sports Organizations.
  • Kelly, Kathleen. (2012). Effective Fundraising Management.
  • Kihlstedt, Andrea. (2012). Asking Styles: Harness Your Personal Fundraising Power.
  • Klein, Catharine, et al. (2012). Healthy and Sustainable Fundraising Activities: Mobilizing Your Community Toward Social Responsibility.
  • Klingaman, Steve. (2012). Fundraising Strategies for Community Colleges: The Definitive Guide for Advancement.
  • Kraemer, Rick and Kraemer, Becky. (2012). Concession Stand Fundraising.
  • Lane, Chad. (2012). Micro-Fundraising: Raising Up to $20,000 with No Money and No Time.
  • Leonard, Richard. (2012). Fundraising for Sport and Athletics.
  • Lysakowski, Linda. (2012). Fundraising for the Genius.
  • McLinden, Jeff. (2012). The Successful Development Director.
  • Morton, Valerie. (2012). Corporate Fundraising.
  • Panas, Jerold. (2012). Born to Raise: What Makes a Great Fundraiser, What Makes a Fundraiser Great.
  • Pitman, Mark. (2012). Ask Without Fear for Librarians.
  • Quinn, Amy. (2012). Fundraising Innovators: Leaders in Social Enterprise Share New Approaches to Raising Money.
  • Reynolds, Kimberly. (2012). Fundraising Success.
  • Robinson, Paige. (2012). 250+ Fundraising Ideas for Your Charity, Society, School and PTA.
  • Rosen, Rudolph A., Cundiff, Katie Dobson, and Sansom, Andrew. (2012). Money for the Cause: A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising.
  • Sagrestano, Brian M., Wahlers, Robert E., and Fredricks, Laura. (2012). The Philanthropic Planning Companion: The Fundraiser’s and Professional Advisor’s Guide to Charitable Gift Planning.
  • Shaw, Pearl D. and Shaw, Melvin B. (2012). The Fundraiser’s Guide to Soliciting Gifts.
  • Turner, Brian. (2012). Fundraising for Volunteers: Including the One Secret Key to Fundraising Success.
  • Tzue, Alyce, and Hong, Billy. (2012). The Book on Fundraising.
  • Young, Bill. (2012). How Good Board Members Become Great Fundraisers.
  • Young, Karen L. (2012). 101 Fundraising Ideas.
  • Young, Karen L. (2012). Fundraising Primer.
  • Young, Karen L. (2012). Fundraising Workbook for Interns.
  • Walker, Julia. (2012). A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members.
  • Weinstein, Stanley. (2012). Fundraising Essentials e-Book Set: Strategies and Tools to Raise Money.
  • Williams, Gaylyn R. and Williams, Ken. (2012). Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners.


If you know of other titles that fit the search parameters here, please send a ‘comment’.


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