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Competition for grants is fierce and becoming fiercer. One strategy for thriving despite the intensified competition is to keep current on the professional literature of grantsmanship.


This post presents books about grant writing that were published either in 2010 or in 2011. A later post will present books published either in 2012 or in 2013 — as well as forthcoming books. Assuredly, some of the titles listed here are already well along their way to becoming classics!


Research Method:

Most of the listed books represent titles found among the first 50 pages of hits on Amazon using the search terms ‘grant writing’ and ‘grants.’ Several of the titles also reflect LinkedIn members’ responses to a question posed to several groups. The searches and solicitations yielded 17 titles for 2010 and 18 more titles for 2011.


It is likely that the use of other sources and search terms would have led to different lists. If you are aware of other titles that fit the search parameters, please send a ‘comment’.


Scope of Coverage:

Although the list is subject to correction and revision, it is not intended to be exhaustive. Unless they were published in new editions, it does not list books from 2009 or earlier years; such books may become the topic of a later post. Inclusion of a book in the list is not an endorsement nor does it necessarily mean I have read the book. The list excludes books only about grant writing as a career or grant writing as a business. It also excludes books that promote get-rich-quick myths in grant seeking.


Published in 2010:

  1. Bergman, Roberta. (2010). Not Just Small Change: Fund Development for Early Childhood Programs.
  2. Black, Alexis Carter. (2010). Getting Grants: The Complete Manual of Proposal Development and Administration.
  3. Driver, Carolyn M. (2010). Guidelines for Writing Successful Grant Proposals for Nonprofit Organizations.
  4. Gerin, William, et al. (2010). Writing the NIH Grant Proposal: A Step-by-Step Guide.
  5. High, William F. (2010). Grants for Christian Ministries and More.
  6. Landau, Herbert B. (2010). Winning Library Grants: A Game Plan.
  7. MacKellar, Pamela H. and Gerding, Stephanie K. (2010). Winning Grants: A How to Do It Manual for Librarians with Multimedia Tutorials and Grant Development Tools.
  8. Mann, Valerie Joan. (2010). Getting Your Share of the Pie: The Complete Guide to Finding Grants.
  9. McLean, Theodicia. (2010). Approach Non-Profit Grant Writing with Confidence: A Must Have Workbook for All New Non-Profit Executive Directors.
  10. O’Neal, Glenda and O’Neal, Bryke. (2010). Let’s Write a Grant.
  11. Payne, Mary Ann. (2010). Grant Writing DeMYSTified.
  12. Pequegnat, Willo, Stover, Ellen, and Boyce, Cheryl Anne. (2010). How to Write a Successful Research Grant Application: A Guide for Social and Behavioral Scientists.
  13. Robbins, Veronica. (2010). 101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers.
  14. Rosenberg, Gigi. (2010). The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing.
  15. Shore, Arnold R. and Carfora, John M. (2010). The Art of Funding and Implementing Ideas: A Guide to Proposal Development and Project Management.
  16. Silk, Keri. (2010). Navigating the Grant Writing Maze. 2nd Edition.
  17. Staines, Gail M. (2010). Go Get That Grant:  A Practical Guide for Libraries and Nonprofit Organizations.


Published in 2011:

  1. Bauer, David G. (2011). The ‘How To’ Grants Manual: Successful Grant Seeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants.  7th Edition.
  2. Bowers, Louis E. (2011). Physical Educator’s Guide to Successful Grant Writing: How to Find Funding and Prepare Winning Proposals.
  3. Bowers-Lanier, Rebecca. (2011). The Nurse’s Grant Writing Advantage: How Grant Writing Can Advance Your Nursing Career.
  4. Bradley, Kurt, Stark, Margaret, and Philpott, Don. (2011). Grant Writer’s Handbook.
  5. Burke-Smith, Nancy, and Tremore, Judy. (2011). The Everything Grant Writing Book. 2nd Edition.
  6. Falkner, Roberta. (2011). 143 Tips and Tricks for Writing Foundation Grants.
  7. Floys, Mike. (2011). Writing and Winning Grants and Government Contracts: A Guide to Basic Grant and Government Contracts.
  8. Gatrell, Jay D., Bierly, Gregory D., and Jensen, Ryan R. (2011). Research Design and Proposal Writing in Spatial Science. 2nd Edition.
  9. Grow, Pamela. (2011). Five Days to Foundation Grants.
  10. Hall-Ellis, Sylvia D., et al. (2011). Librarian’s Handbook for Seeking, Writing, and Managing Grants.
  11. Henson, Kenneth T. (2011). Successful Grant Writing for School Leaders: 10 Easy Steps.
  12. Howlett, Susan. (2011). Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals. 5th Edition.
  13. Karbon, Gary. (2011). Proposal Planning and Writing for RFPs.
  14. Karges-Bone, Linda, Krueger, Bonnie J., and Jeffers, Patti. (2011). The Educator’s Guide to Grants: Grant Writing Tips and Techniques for Schools and Non-Profits.
  15. Miner, Jeremy T., Miner, Lynn E., and Griffith, Jerry. (2011). Collaborative Grant Seeking: A Guide to Designing Projects, Leading Partners, and Persuading Partners.
  16. Schimel, Joshua. (2011). Writing Science: How to Write Papers that Get Cited and Proposals that Get Funded.
  17. Thompson, Waddy. (2011). The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grant Writing. 3rd Edition.
  18. Ward, Deborah. (2011). Writing Grant Proposals That Win.

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  1. Thank you for this list. Looking forward to your next post with more recent titles.

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