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This post discusses grant-writing consultants’ fees for such services as creating funding development plans or devising project evaluation plans. It is part of an ongoing series. Earlier posts discussed retainer fees and prospect research fees. Later posts will explore other topics related to the compensation of grant writers and to consulting.


Fixed Fee Assignments:

Beyond stating hourly rates, per proposal rates, retainer fees, and proposal review fees, some grant writing consultants also publish cost information on other services. The most frequently encountered are rates for fixed fee assignments for private sector prospect research and/or private sector proposal development. The costs range from $2,000 to $6,000 for finding 3 to 5 grant leads and/or writing 3 to 5 proposals to from $4,500 to $7,000 for finding 10 grant leads and/or writing 10 proposals.







Consultant 1


4 grant proposals


10 grant proposals

Consultant 2


5 best sources


10 best sources

Consultant 3


5 most promising funders


10 most promising funders

Consultant 4


3 private sector proposals


10 private sector proposals

Consultant 5


Proposals to 5 best sources


Proposals to 10 best sources


Funding Development Plans:

Fewer grant-writing consultants also offer to create funding development plans for clients. This category of services varies greatly in terms of its specifications and conditions. Almost invariably, the consultants indicate that their resulting plans will be ‘comprehensive’ and that actual costs will reflect the scope and detail of each assignment. Quoted fees range from as little as $160 to as much as $10,000.






Consultant 1



Create comprehensive funding development program
Consultant 2



Create plan for seeking funding. Analyze fundability of client’s program/project.
Consultant 3



Identify and prioritize client’s comprehensive funding needs, goals, and initiatives.


Grant Writing Workshops:

Still fewer consultants offer workshops for grant-related staff development. Perhaps one reason for the infrequency of such services is that they compete directly with associations of non-profits, universities, the Grantsmanship Center,  the Foundation Center, and other providers of workshops and courses. The consultants’ workshops last one or two days. They range in cost from $400 (plus expenses) to $4,000.


Other Services:

The smallest number of consultants highlights other specialized services for clients. One such service is proposal planning, the fee for which starts at $3,000. Another service is creating an evaluation plan for a proposal yet to be submitted, the fee for which ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.




  1. Thanks for all your work on this and other posts. You always provide such good info! -Amy Lamborg

    • Thanks for your compliment, Amy. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas! Please also point others to the site if you think it’d be helpful to them.

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