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Daily Archives: February 13th, 2013

Compared to their counterparts in the United States of America, professional grant writers appear to command somewhat lower salaries in the United Kingdom. Such conclusions must remain subject to revision, however, due to the limits of  pertinent, readily available, and timely data.


This post explores available data on the average salaries of grant writers in the United Kingdom. Occasional later posts will explore grant writing as a career in other parts of the world.


Salary Ranges:

The Institute of Fundraising, based in the United Kingdom, published a report in 2009, which indicated that the most prevalent salary ranges for fundraisers of all types, among survey respondents, were: £20,000-£25,000, £25,000-£30,000, and £30,000-£35,000. For all fundraising positions advertised on five recruitment websites over a 12-week period, the two most prevalent salary ranges were £25,000-£30,000 and £30,000-£40,000.


The same report from the Institute of Fundraising, also indicated that the advertised salary range for a ‘Trust/Grants Fundraiser’ in the United Kingdom was £18,000-£41,000 while that for ‘Development’ was £18,000-£55,000.


Salaries by Region:

A second resource,, published salary data for 2011. It reported that average salaries for Grant Writers varied by region in the United Kingdom. They ranged from £20,912 in Yorkshire and the Northeast to £28,492 in London.


The table below presents the 2011 salary data; for purposes of aiding international comparison, the table also applies an exchange rate as of the date of this post (£1.00 = $1.5563).


Grant Writer Salaries by Region in the United Kingdom


British Pounds (£)

US Dollars ($)







Yorkshire and Northeast












Northern Ireland









East of England






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