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One of the best ways to learn about writing competitive grant proposals is to participate in technical reviews for Federal grant-making agencies.


This post explores opportunities — as of October 2012 — to serve as an expert reviewer for Federal grant-making agencies. An earlier post explored serving as a grant reviewer (also called a peer reviewer or an expert panelist) in terms of required qualifications, logistics, and compensation, as well as the potential benefits of reviewing to the reviewer.


Review Opportunities:

Procedures for applying to become a reviewer differ among the agencies. Every grant-making agency requires the reviewer to have specialized subject area expertise pertinent to the specific grant program to be reviewed. Other reviewer qualifications commonly relate to citizenship, geography, gender, race/ethnicity, and similar demographic factors, as well as access to certain technologies, willingness to travel (if required), and availability throughout the review process.


All opportunities listed here are for Federal grant-making agencies in the United States of America. The list is intended to be illustrative, rather than exhaustive.


US Department of Agriculture (USDA):


US Department of Education (USDE):


US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS):


US Department of Justice (DOJ):


US Department of Labor (USDOL):


Other US Federal Agencies:


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