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The competition for grants is fierce these days. Foundation assets are stagnant or declining while governments pursue fiscal austerity measures. In 2012, nonprofits need all the keys they can find to unlock the grant makers’ strongboxes and win significant grant awards.


This post presents a few places where nonprofits can go to find potential grants from corporations and foundations – either for free or at a modest cost. An earlier post focuses on resources for improving organizational readiness to pursue grants.


Foundation Center:

The Foundation Center produces and sells many tools for grant seekers. It publishes online and print directories, books on writing proposals, and many other valuable materials. Among its resources for grant seekers are:

  • Searchable online databases of grant makers, grants, and IRS Form 990 filings online
  • A catalog of nonprofit literature
  • On-call researchers available through an associates program
  • A short course on writing grant proposals
  • A collection of grant makers’ requests for proposals
  • A peer-to-peer philanthropy message board


In addition, the Center maintains an extensive searchable database of grant makers.


Fundsnet Services:

Fundsnet Services provides free access to resources about grants, fundraising, philanthropy, foundations, and nonprofits, including a database of corporate and foundation grant makers, which is both searchable and sorted by 20-plus topical areas. It lacks the depth and breadth of the Foundation Center, but it is a free and easily navigated place to start a search.


Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy presents information useful to seekers of private donations (gifts) and foundation grants on such topics as:

  • Grant seeking
  • Fundraising
  • Philanthropic giving
  • Management
  • Data, trends, and causes in philanthropy


The website also features a very useful current calendar of foundation application deadlines.


Grantsmanship Center:

The Grantsmanship Center offers a wide array of free and fee-based tools for seekers of grants from both federal and private sources, among which are:

  • Five different training programs
  • Proposal review and other consulting assistance
  • Publications on prospect research, proposal planning, and proposal research
  • The comprehensive, online, searchable GrantDomain grant maker database


May you search well and prosper!



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