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What follows is a sample Position Description for four fictional Consultants. It is one of a series of posts of samples describing positions in a fictional STEM Partnership Project.


Position/Time Commitment: Project-paid Consultants (4 x 50% FTE Each)


Names: Dr. FR Riviera, Dr. Huang Ho, Dr NP Acadia, and Dr K Nallanayagam


Nature of Position:

Assists in developing STEM materials for project students; trains staff in using educational technologies and new content area materials; designs, demonstrates, and models project-specific instructional strategies; facilitates annual STEM summer camps



This position is directly responsible to the Project Director and to their respective partnering University Institutes and Engineering Centers of Excellence.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in implementing project goals and objectives
  2. Deliver appropriate pre-service and in-service training for instructional staff
  3. Model project instructional strategies for classroom teachers
  4. Coordinate training with state and national standards
  5. Design and develop culturally relevant STEM materials
  6. Recruit and arrange for university students to mentor and tutor project students
  7. Link students’ STEM instruction with their family and community backgrounds
  8. Assist classroom teachers in organizing classrooms for technology-based learning
  9. Organize and run annual on-campus STEM summer camps
  10. Organize on-campus visits and campus/program tours for project students
  11. Facilitate dissemination and marketing at campus, state, and national levels
  12. Facilitate coordination with activities of project partners
  13. Integrate STEM training with career awareness
  14. Facilitate project-wide use of emerging instructional technologies
  15. Link project students to IHE role models of similar backgrounds
  16. Participate in the Partnership Advisory Team’s (PAT) meetings
  17. Consult with the Project Director in fundraising and grant writing activities
  18. Perform any related tasks as designated by agreement of the Project Director and Directors of respective partnering University Institutes and Engineering Centers of Excellence.



  1. Doctoral degree (PhD or EdD) in a STEM discipline
  2. Knowledge of and experience with technology-based instruction
  3. Experience in training high school teachers, in conducting similar STEM programs, and in grant writing and implementing funded projects
  4. Familiarity with state and national standards, with the educational needs of disadvantaged and minority students, and with the state’s minority cultures



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