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What follows is a sample Position Description for an External Evaluator. It is one of a series of posts of samples describing positions in a fictional STEM Partnership Project.


Position/Time Commitment: Project-paid External Evaluator (Per Contract)


Name: Dr. DE Falconer


Nature of Position:

Provides external formative and summative evaluation services to the project consistent with its program design, evaluation plan, and federal regulations; assists in eventual submission of the project for validation as a national model.



This position is directly responsible to the Project Director.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Design an evaluation process compatible with the project’s objectives
  2. Provide interim and final evaluation reports for each project year
  3. Conduct on-site observations and consultations
  4. Review data collection, analysis, and recording processes; recommend needed modifications
  5. Assess and revise project evaluation implementation timeline and provide a schedule for conducting data gathering, analysis, and reporting
  6. Provide technical assistance as needed
  7. Prepare and submit final evaluation reports in consultation with the Project Director
  8. Attend at least one Partnership Advisory Team (PAT) meeting to outline the evaluation process
  9. Assist in assessing project participants’ training needs at the start of the project
  10. Design project questionnaires, interview protocols, checklists, rating scales, and all other project-developed instruments in consultation with project staff and consultants
  11. Assist in identifying and characterizing the non-project comparison group
  12. Communicate regularly with the Project Director concerning the evaluation process
  13. Attend and report on meetings convened by the funding program, as needed
  14. Assist in submitting the project for validation as a national model



  1. Master’s degree in Education or a related field; a Doctorate is preferred
  2. Knowledge of and experience in assessing projects serving disadvantaged and minority high school students, evaluating partnership programs, and in managing the evaluation process
  3. Technical background in program evaluation, data collection and analysis, and reporting
  4. Familiarity with national model STEM programs
  5. Familiarity with state and national academic standards for STEM subjects



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