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What follows is a sample Position Description for a Project Coordinator. It is one of a series of posts of samples describing positions in a fictional (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Partnership Project.


Position/Time Commitment: Project-Paid Coordinator (100% FTE)


Name: Dr. PM Kem


Nature of Position:

Manages and coordinates the daily, ongoing activities of this project; assists in administering the budget; conducts public relations; recruits new partners; holds appropriate meetings; and plans coordination among project staff and personnel of project partners.



This position is directly accountable to the Project Director.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in establishing and coordinating project functions and in recommending, implementing, and maintaining project policies, procedures, schedules, and budget.
  2. Ascertain that the goals and requirements of the grant are met.
  3. Consult with the partnership advisory team (PAT) and organize project activities with assistance of project staff, project consultants, school-based administrators, and representatives of project partners.
  4. Establish effective procedures for evaluating the project and planning for administration of appropriate measurement instruments and assessments.
  5. Ensure that needs assessment and evaluation data are available to the external evaluator.
  6. Assist in review and evaluation of results of school-wide testing and other evaluative measures to be used during the project.
  7. Assist in selecting personnel for project employment.
  8. Plan staff development activities and lead and conduct partnership-building and public relations activities.
  9. Coordinate and supervise project-paid staff members not based in the schools.
  10. Meet regularly with project staff, current project partners, and potential project partners.
  11. Assist in preparing proposals and partner- and volunteer-recruitment materials.
  12. Coordinate development of materials especially designed for the project.
  13. Coordinate and disseminate project updates and reports.



  1. Master’s degree in a project-related subject; a doctorate is preferred.
  2. Experience in program administration and in teaching in rural settings.
  3. Knowledge of: how to build partnerships; relevant current state and federal legislation; and how to integrate technology, science, mathematics, and career awareness.
  4. Experience in working in partnerships and school restructuring efforts.
  5. Ability to relate effectively to administrators, teachers, students, parents, public and private sector partners, and state and federal program officials.

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