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This is one in a series of posts presenting sample elements of a possible proposal. In their illustrative details, its contents are both fictional and factual; however, its overall approach has won grants for similar purposes.


Strategies. Training will be available in Project WETLANDS, Project WETLANDS Aquatic, and Project RIVERS. After training, teachers will integrate the instructional materials, kits, and field and lab experiences with their existing classroom Science curricula and will link them in lesson plans to Maine’s content and performance standards (Maine Learning Results, 2007).


Training activities will increase participants’ capacities: (1) to connect Science to other subjects; (2) to build on students’ natural desires to make sense out of their environment; (3) to build skills to bridge between what students know and what they do not know; (4) to link learning to specific purposes for using those skills; and (5) to incorporate students’ experiences in and observations of nature into the Science curriculum along with the students’ cultural and environmental contexts. 


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