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This is one in a series of posts presenting sample elements of a possible proposal. In their illustrative details, its contents are both fictional and factual; however, its overall approach has won grants for similar purposes.


Audience Needs. Test data for each school indicate that from 20% to 65% of students in grades 6-12 are performing below grade level on annual performance assessments in Science and from 17% to 45% of the same students are not meeting state academic standards in Science.


Surveyed teachers agree that their students need more structured opportunities for connecting what they learn in the classroom to life in the community and for exploring environmental careers. Teachers also agree that they need training in standards-driven, interdisciplinary, experiential, and inquiry-based conservation and environmental education programs and in ways to integrate them in their existing Science curricula. Community members express concern about the health of the Saco River Watershed in letters to area newspapers and individual participation in extension service and regional water quality monitoring programs.


Participant Recruitment. Teacher and student participants will be recruited in each district using notices on district Web sites, ads in school newsletters, posters at schools and other public facilities, word of mouth, staff meetings, community notices, and staff mailbox inserts.


Incentives. Incentives for teacher participation will include: training contact hours (professional development points), carry-away materials for use in classrooms (e.g., lesson plans, kits, and handbooks), waiver of training registration fees, mileage reimbursements, release time to participate in training, opportunities for collegial and community networking, and certificates and other public recognition for participation. 


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