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What Grant Writers earn reflects many factors. Among them are years of experience, level of educational attainment, geographic location, and the nature of the employer.


This post describes what Grant Writers are paid as compensation in terms of salaries. Others in the series will discuss what Grant Writers do, where and when they work, the tools of the grant writing trade, a basic inventory of grant writing skills, typical career paths, and compensation in terms of hourly rates and consultants’ fees.


If you’d like to know more about what Grant Writers earn, please go to Writers Market, PayScale, eHow, or Salary.



Nationally, in the United States of America, median annual salaries for Grant Writers are $57,490. The middle 50% of Grant Writers earn from $50,985 to $65,188. The bottom 10% earns $45,062 or less; the top 10% earns $72,195 or more. These base salaries represent about 70% of total compensation. The other 30% is fringe benefits and bonuses.


Calculated on a full 52-week year, the same median annual salary is $1,105.57 per week and the range for the middle 50% is from $980.48 to $1,253.61 per week. Calculated over a 2,080-hour work-year, the same median salary is $27.64 per hour, and the same range for the middle 50% is from $24.51 to $31.34 per hour.


In terms of averages rather than medians, nationally the annual income range for a Grant Writer is $25,242 to $66,183 per year. This range includes bonuses but excludes fringe benefits.


Average annual salaries for Grant Writers vary by geographic location. As of April 2012, San Francisco, CA had the highest annual salary range: $40,205 to $87,106.


Other American cities and salary ranges include:

  1. Austin, TX: $39,305 to $50,868
  2. Boston, MA: $21,000 to $97,324
  3. Houston, TX: $24,083 to $52,971
  4. Los Angeles, CA: $34,478 to $59,049
  5. New York, NY: $33,713 to $63,023
  6. Philadelphia, PA: $23,836 to $55,369
  7. Portland, OR: $30,006 to $50,698
  8. Seattle, WA: $34,000 to $54,000
  9. Washington, DC: $32,966 to $72,129


Average annual salaries for Grant Writers vary by highest degree earned:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA): $34,200 to $47,500
  2. Master of Arts (MA): $38,693 to $50,000
  3. Doctorate (PhD): $49,168 to $60,983


Average annual salaries for Grant Writers also vary by the type of employer:

  1. Education: $27,806 to $59,674
  2. Healthcare: $28,691 to $61,264
  3. Non-profit Organization (NPO): $25,999 to $58,223
  4. Social Services: $26,257 to $55,392
  5. Youth Services: $26,393 to $53,294


As with other types of professional work, the for-profit sector often pays more than the non-profit sector.



Bonuses vary by years of experience and top out at $4,500 to $5,000 for 20 or more years experience. Only one in every three Grant Writers reports getting a bonus. Reported bonuses most often are less than 1% of salaries, or less than $250 for every $25,000 in salary.


Fringe Benefits:

Fringe benefits amount to about 30% of total compensation. Aside from social security taxes (FICA), time off from work is the largest share of total benefits.


Average annual vacation time for Grant Writers is two weeks per year after 10 years of experience, and eight days (or 1.6 weeks) with less than 10 years experience. Depending upon the nature of the employer and the specific contract, full-time salaried Grant Writers may expect up to 20 days of paid vacation per year.


All factual material presented here is intended strictly for informational purposes only.


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