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Competitive grant proposals often survive or perish based on the quality of data they use. In the American context, among reliable sources of data for grants in Health and Justice are: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


Health Statistics:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Data and Statistics site provides a vast searchable database at national, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels. It offers many kinds of tools and resources including a 33-topic breakdown of data and statistics and an A-Z index of health-related topics.


Juvenile Justice Statistics:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation publishes a wealth of data about violent crime and property crime in the nation. Its annual publication, Uniform Crime Report, compiles volume and rate of crime offenses for the nation, the states, and many cities and counties. It also includes arrest, clearance, and law enforcement employee data. Also useful to grant applicants is its annual Crime in the United States.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has many tools and databases useful to organizations seeking grants in law enforcement and juvenile justice. Among them are: data collections in the topics of corrections, courts, crime types, criminal justice data improvement, law enforcement, and victims, as well as four data analysis tools. Two of the potentially most useful resources for grant seekers are the site’s A-Z topic list and the Uniform Crime Reporting Data Tool.

This post is one in a series about sources of data for use in winning competitive grants. All links were current as of the date of posting.

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