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New technology for its own sake is never a good reason to pursue a grant; too often it merely becomes an untested and unproven solution in search of a problem. But that new technology, selected judiciously and used wisely as a means to solve well-defined problems or to address unmet needs, can prove to be a powerful asset.


Benefits of Technology Grants:

New technology can help its users to translate an organization’s mission and vision into reality. When it is applied well, it can:

  1. Help its users to achieve valued outcomes
  2. Remove or modify obstacles to solving critical problems or alleviating unmet needs
  3. Aid its users in becoming self-directed, adaptive, productive, lifelong learners and creators of meaning
  4. Allow its users to do the tasks essential to reaching their goals and objectives
  5. Deliver measurable direct (or expected) and indirect (or unexpected) benefits to its users


Questions for Planning:

Planners of new technology projects or initiatives must consider many of the same basic questions as other grant seekers. Among the questions useful for preparing to seek a grant for new technology are:

  1. What technology do you have?
  2. What technology do you need?
  3. Why do you need the technology you do not have?
  4. How will you use the new technology?
  5. Who will use the new technology?
  6. What benefits will come from using the new technology?
  7. How will the new technology support your goals?
  8. How will the new technology support your objectives?
  9. How will the new technology support your core activities?
  10. What will the new technology let you do that you cannot do now?
  11. What will happen if you do not get the new technology you need?
  12. Who can partner with you to get the new technology?
  13. How will you evaluate the results of using the new technology?
  14. What budget will you need for the new technology?
  15. How will you support the new technology when funding ends?

Often users of the new technology will need training, technical support, appropriate wares, infrastructure, time and funding. All of these considerations can impact a grant budget.

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