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Proposals that win grants for K-12 education have many predictable information needs. Planning a project budget is no exception! Applicants that have their budget basics ready before responding to a grant opportunity greatly improve the likelihood of funding.


Although applicants may not need every item listed here for every proposal budget, among the elements it is prudent to anticipate are: salaries and fringe benefits, travel, consultants, and indirect costs.


Salaries and Fringe Benefits:

  1. Local established salary schedules for all positions
  2. Percentages used in calculating fringe benefits: workers compensation, retirement (pensions), health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, professional development incentive increments, and social security (FICA)
  3. Local fringe benefits rate for all administrative staff
  4. Local fringe benefits rate for all certified staff
  5. Local fringe benefits rate for all classified staff
  6. Local fringe benefits for all staff already on payroll for non-contract work on a consultant basis



  1. Typical round-trip airfares
  2. Typical round-trip ground transportation fares (subways, trams, taxis)
  3. Typical per diem lodging costs
  4. Local round-trip highway tolls
  5. Round-trip mileages to frequent destinations
  6. Local established per diem rates
  7. Local established mileage reimbursement rates
  8. Federal per diem schedule
  9. Federal vehicle use per mile rate


Other Items:

  1. Typical consultant hourly and daily rates
  2. Typical evaluation hourly and daily rates
  3. Course tuition rates per credit hour
  4. Applicant indirect charges rate and its basis


Later posts will cover information needs for other aspects of educational grant proposals.


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